Tuesday, November 24, 2009

18 Week Sonogram Info

We had our 18 week sonogram last Friday and of course, it was full of all kinds of excitement. Dave and I actually let our 3 older kids skip school because it's a tradition that we all go into the sonogram room together. They knew that we would be finding out the sex of the baby, so they were totally pumped! We were fortunate enough to be able to have my Mom and Dad go into the sono room with us as well! My mom has been there with us for every single one of our kid's "revealing".... so it was important to me that she was there! My Dad was totally new at this! It was the first time that he has ever seen a sonogram! Needless to say, he was quite impressed with medical technology!

Our most exciting news was that we found out we are having a BOY!!!!! (I really felt deep down that the baby was a boy from the beginning, but I have definitely been wrong before, so it was really a surprise to me as well!) Obviously, we are THRILLED! We would have loved either boy or girl, but this Mama certainly has a soft spot right now for boys! We seem to be surrounded by little boys in this house, which is just fine with us! One of my best friends just had a sweet baby boy in July and my sister-in-law, Jackie, had a gorgeous baby boy on Nov. 5! And with this little boy coming in April, it will make 4 of our little boys 5 years old and under! How fun is that!?!?!??!!?

Ashton, my oldest son, and the girls, Taelyn and Mariya, were thinking that a girl would be nice. But they have been so awesome and accepting of this little guy! The girls said "Oh well, maybe next time!" They have already moved on to "helping" us come up with names! (Which is going to definitely be a challenge... but one that we are up for!!!!) They are counting down until April! We are all dying to meet him and see who he resembles!

We are so thankful and praise God that the baby looks totally healthy! Everything checked out perfect! The sonogram lady kept saying... "Oh my... look at the size of his feet!" I told her.... "That's a requirement in the Harris family!" He showed off for us like crazy! Moving around, kicking, squirming, putting his arms up over his head, hiccup-ing, and opening and closing his mouth the whole time! It was adorable and the kids TOTALLY picked up on all his little moves! It was just so fun! He weighed about 11 oz, which is a little big at this point, but my babies generally measure that way!

I didn't get a lot of "good" sonogram pictures, but I had to post a couple! We saw so many good views of his face, but we just couldn't get him to stay still long enough for a picture! (I am sure some things will never change!)

She gave me about 7 pictures of his legs and feet!!! Isn't amazing how you can count his little toes in this one? His other leg is behind... kinda like he was jogging?? =)

This is from about his waist down. Look at those long skinny legs! Just like the rest of us!

My personal fave... his sweet little profile picture....

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! =)