Monday, February 8, 2010

29 and Feelin' Fine!!!

We had our 29 week checkup with an ultrasound today! We got to see our "little" guy and he was just totally adorable! Here's some details...

*There is only ONE lil guy in there! No other babies were hiding!

*He is one BIG (healthy) boy! BIG as in....He is weighing in at over 5 pounds already and is in the 99th percentile. (FYI-the average weight for 29 weeks is 2 1/2 pounds!) And BOY as in.... we saw "boy parts" again... 2 words for this fella... NOT. SHY.

*He is head down... YAY! He had his hands and feet by his face!?! (kinda as if you were changing his diaper and then some) Did NOT look comfortable at all!

*He has the CUTEST chubby cheeks that I already want to just kiss right off of his face!

*I will start seeing my doctor every 2 weeks now!

*In order to deliver him naturally, like I have all my other children, I will probably be induced at least 4 weeks early (by the end of March) if he has not come by then! =)

*My 3 little guys LOVED seeing him in the ultrasound! They were so excited! At one point, the screen went dark and Nevin totally panicked, saying "Oh no!! Where'd he go!??!"

On a side note, here's some other random facts (for my records mostly)....

*I'm still feeling awesome! Even though I do feel pretty "stuffed with baby" at this point, it hasn't slowed me down much. I do tend to ask the kids (more often) to pick stuff up for me off the floor... so I can avoid bending over!

*For the first time ever, I got acid reflux the other night. Come to find out, I can't eat sweets after 9:00 pm or this acid reflux rears it's ugly head at about 3 a.m.! YUK! So I avoid the late-night sweets now and it's all good! It's probably best anyways! ;)

*Even though I look like I've swallowed a watermelon, I've only gained 13 lbs so far. YAY!

*He still wiggles around... 24/7! They are different "bigger" movements now, but it is CONSTANT!

*He still gets the hiccups quite often. One day I counted 11 times! The kids love to feel the hiccups and my little guys think it's hilarious for some reason!

*ALL of the kids get more and more excited every day!

*Dave is still crazy about my belly! He is always rubbing it and trying to get him to kick...which usually doesn't take much! The other day when I walked into the bedroom, Dave started laughing hysterically. I asked him what in the world he was laughing at. He said, "Your belly enters the room way before you do!"

*We plan on doing some MAJOR baby preparation over these next couple weeks! Up until today, I was thinking I still had 2 1/2 months left to plan and organize! Now that we are down to 4 to 6 weeks, my OCD personality is gonna kick in and I WILL have everything ready ASAP! We need to buy quite a bit because a lot of our boy "hand-me-downs" had been handed down too many times, so I got rid of a lot. PLUS when we moved, we stored stuff in our unfinished, leaky basement and a lot of it got moldy! =( But it's ok....buying baby stuff is the fun part! I'm sure I will have a ton of help from my girls when it comes to shopping!

*I am already "whining" about NOT being pregnant already! I'm so NOT ready for this pregnancy to be over.... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being pregnant. Not that you didn't know that already!

*That being said... I also have this overwhelming feeling to snuggle, smell, and kiss this new sweet babe! I totally adore seeing my husband hold and care for our kids... especially our newborns! (ahhh... it makes my heart skip a beat!) I also enjoy seeing our older kids fall in love with their new sibling! Needless to say, this appointment got us even MORE hyped and ready to meet this little sweet face.....

(That's his right arm crossed over with his hand under his left cheek! It was so angelic looking! I wish the pic would have scanned up better, but you get the point)

And for the record... here's a pic of the big-belly Mama...

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support! We appreciate it! =)