Thursday, January 21, 2010

27 Week Check-Up

I had my 27 week prenatal visit this week! This pregnancy is flying by! I did my glucose screening and I flunked it by 4 points! I had to go back and retake it by doing the 3-hour test at the lab. I have never had to retake it before, and after doing it, I am very thankful I haven't had to up until now! =) In the end, the results came back perfectly normal. Praise the Lord!

I have gotten BIG... FAST! I have only gained about 12 pounds so far and that has been in the last 2 months. When the doctor did my uterine measurement (which should've measured 27 because it corresponds with the number of weeks that you are pregnant), it actually measured 35!!! YIKES! That means the baby is measuring 2 months ahead! He said even a "bigger" baby would normally measure around 29. We are, by the way, absolutely sure about our due-date, so this really puzzled the doctor! Now I am scheduled for a sonogram in 2 weeks. They are going to check and see just how big he actually is and also make sure there is NOT a second little one hiding in there. The doctor said that he thinks there is only a slim chance that would be the case, but that it IS possible! I, personally, just feel like he's very big, but I will admit that this pregnancy has been almost identical to my twin pregnancies. I would be thrilled to find a second babe hiding in there, but I REALLY want to know that our "little" guy is healthy! That sonogram can NOT come soon enough!

It was so sweet to hear his little heartbeat again. It almost always runs about 147. He is STILL constantly movin' and shakin' around! He gets the hiccups at least 3 or 4 times a day still too.

As for me, I feel awesome! I sleep good, eat good, and have plenty of energy as long as I can sneak in a 15 minute nap on most days! I absolutely LOVE being pregnant and I'm sad that this one is already coming to an end. I definitely feel that God has blessed us so much!

The kids are also getting into the pregnancy more and more! My girls will sit around and feel him kick all day long! Ashton, Bryson, and Nolan always come up with their fair share of questions/comments about the baby too... mostly about what he'll look like and how fun it will be when he is out here with us! Nevin is totally into it and always tells me that he loves my big belly and asks if he can "pet" the baby. He is still insisting that he has a baby in his tummy too. His baby's name is Toby, he says. He is so funny!

I will be sure to update when we get some more answers! Keep us/him in your prayers please! We appreciate all of the support that we get from our family and friends! Thank God for all of you!

Here's a 27 week belly shot...

I couldn't resist posting this one.
"The View From The Top".....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday!

Yesterday, my baby girls turned 9 years old! Every time my children have a birthday, I am absolutely amazed at how time flies by! The girls have grown up so fast and I am so proud of the little ladies that they have become!

They are truly best friends and share such a unique bond! They are constantly playing together here at home, but at school, they have different best friends and are quite the social butterflies!

Right now, they spend most of their time reading, playing American Girl dolls, doing crafty projects, and playing with their little brothers! They are so great with the boys! They have such big hearts and love to teach the boys new things, usually while they are playing preschool with them! Both of the girls are SO excited about having a new baby brother! They are almost ALWAYS willing to help out (with a good attitude!) and have become a big help to me!