Friday, May 23, 2008

Jackie's Wedding Weekend

What a busy weekend we have planned! Next to the crazy week we have just had, it will fit right in!

We are so excited about the wedding, but it really snuck up on us! Between getting clothes/shoes for all 8 of us to coordinate, we have had to mathmatically plan out a schedule practically down to the minute. The wedding rehearsal went pretty good tonight. Everyone cooperated and no blood was drawn. The kids did their job well, and I dreaded standing up there in that bridesmaid dress (sucking it in) for so long! We had pizza and pop afterwards....well, besides Bryson. When Aunt Jackie offered him a drink of her pop, he looked at her with big eyes and said "I'm not allowed to have that". What kind of 3 year old is he???? Surely not MY CHILD! He must get that obedient, non-rebellious side from his father! Anyways, the kids played in the gym and wore themselves out. Dave shot hoops with them and ran around like a big kid and wore himself out too! He came home and fell asleep at 10. I sent him to HIS bed about midnight. WOW...the ol' night owl is gettin' old! HA HA!

I am off to bed to get some sleep for tomorrow....that may be an interesting day!


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