Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Long and the Short of it (PART 2)...

Speaking of haircuts... you know, since we were a week or two ago when my youngest, Nevin, went from moppy to shorty-short.
My oldest child, Ashton
(who, by the way, cares ZERO PERCENT what he looks like usually)
decided to go from a SHORT BUZZ hair cut.....
(This pic was taken just 7 months ago)

to the long and shaggy, Zac Efron look!!!
(this was taken just last week)

UHHH!??!?!!? Can we say "GREW UP OVERNIGHT?????"
But seriously, he is a CRAZY awesome son! If a kid could ever be so CLOSE to perfect,
it would be Ashton! He is so sweet, loving, helpful, and funny!
I wish I could have 10 of him! He is so fun to be around and
SOOOOOO much like his father!!!

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Jill said...


Thanks for sharing your favorite things on my blog!

My son Austin also has gone from the short buzz (last summer) to the long 'Zac Efron' look!

It makes them seem so much older!