Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chocolate?? What Chocolate????

Grandpa seemed to have left his box of chocolates
sitting on the table next to his Lazy Boy.
A few minutes after he left, the boys found them.

Of course, my "MISS MOM" volunteered to give them baths.
What would I do without my Sweet Tae and her helpful hands!?!?
And by the way.... you think the boys look messy???
You should've seen the recliner!!!


Devin said...

Ethan look EXACTLY like that when he gets M&M's....they run all down his face. He looks gross!

I can't imagine the recliner...ick :-).

Sharon Epling said...

I'm with Devin. Just thinking about that recliner makes me cringe! How nice to have such a good helper!