Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter....Part Two (THE HUNT)

We usually have a HUGE Easter lunch at my parents' house. This year, since we are pretty much hogging every square inch of their house, we moved our Easter celebration to my brother's house.
We always have so much awesome food! I am blessed with a family full of great cooks!!! We had everything from homemade chicken and noodles to Italian beef/deer. (Did I mention that my family is also full of hunters?) And the desserts...oh my! I think we had more dessert than anything else!
It is so much fun to sit around and visit with all the family members! I think we had around 40 people there this time. We had 19 of the 20 grandchildren present. They are all between the ages of 2 and 14. So the annual Easter Egg hunt was very anticipated this year! I really enjoy watching all of the kids search for the eggs! It's especially challenging to get pictures of their little faces while finding the eggs! I definitely did not get everybody! Here's a few of the pics....

Taelyn... sporting a smile for the camera.

Mariya found one!!!

Ashton found a stash on the trampoline.

Nevin has a dog buddy for the egg hunt.... Josie!

Bryson was hard to catch! I have about 15 pictures of the back of his head. He kept running off before I could get a picture. Here he is with his cousin, Chloe.

Sweet Nolan. He had a hard time refraining from immediately opening the eggs and eating the candy.

My little nephew, Chance, spots an egg and takes off running!

My big nephew, Chance, up in the tree... getting eggs down for the little ones. (How he grew up so fast, I will NEVER know!!!)

Our little cousin, Macey, showing off her loot!

Our cousin, Jenna... one egg in each hand and running for another one!

My nephew, Coy, checkin' his eggs for goodies.

My nephew, Ty (Coy's twin brother)... with a mouthful of chocolate already!

I wish this picture would have turned out better. We don't get very many pictures with MOST of the grandchildren all in one shot. Here they are pictured with my Grandpa Beanie and Grandma Betty, my maternal grandparents and the sweetest, most awesome people on the face of this earth!

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Sharon Epling said...

Wow, that's a lot of grandchildren! I can imagine how fun and crazy it was. Glad you could all get together.