Friday, May 1, 2009

Annual Illinois State Twin Convention

For the past 4 years, we have been able to attend the twin convention in our area. It has been held in Champaign twice and Bloomington. This year it was held in Arthur. We have had a great time every year and have met some of the nicest people! We look forward to seeing the same people every year and excited to meet new people as well!

The convention is always held on a Sunday in April. There is a lunch at noon and then a short business meeting. The best part of the convention is the Twin Contest. They have all different categories and age groups. It is fun to see them all get up on stage! Some of the categories are:

*Twins that look the most alike

*Twins that look the least alike

*Twins that travel the longest distance

*The oldest twins

*The youngest twins

There are twins of EVERY age there. From infants to 90 years old, every set has their own story and it's interesting to get to know them. The first year that my girls went, they were totally overwhelmed with having their picture taken! Everybody takes pictures of everybody!!! With the girls being younger, and so dang cute, they were a BIG attraction! Now that most of the people are not complete strangers, they handle it a lot better!

I wish I could post up some pictures from the conventions in the past years, but I won't be able to do that until I get my own computer hooked up at our new house.

Here are a few from this year.....

(Left to right) Taelyn, Nevin, Nolan, and Mariya

They have a Shriner's clown to make balloons for all of the kids.

This picture was taken during the Judging. I believe the category was Woman (age 55 and up) - "twins that look the most alike". I am so glad I am not a judge. Some of the categories would be so hard! (FYI... The set with the #2 won!)

My camera batteries died just in time for my kiddos to go on stage!!! I had an extra set, but I missed them onstage. They didn't have much competition because there was not many twins that were their age this year! The girls won "Twins that look the most alike" in their age group. They have won it for the past 4 years.

This is my sweet friend, Carrie. She has come for the past 2 conventions with her girls. They are gorgeous!

We attempted to get a picture of my girls with her girls. It was nap time and not an easy task! =) Next year we will do it EARLIER! It will be neat to compare them every year and see how they have grown!

We met these boys the first year that we went to the conference. Actually, the mom and I met that year. The girls could care less. Boys have cooties! Anyways, we take their picture every year too. Someday my girls may look forward to seeing these boys there! ;)

At the end of the convention, they get all of the twins up on stage and take pictures. This year was not a great turnout. Usually they can't all fit on stage! It is so cool to see them all together! (One of the ladies is holding Nolan because he had fallen asleep. Nevin is in front of the girls and Nolan is right behind the girls.)
I didn't get a picture of Nevin and Nolan with their medallion. They were a mixed consensus! Some said they looked alike and some said they didn't! I think they ended up giving them the "Twins that look the most alike" prize for their age group, but only because they had NO competition! =)
Next year, the convention is in Danville!!! I am planning on being more involved this coming year and the years after! If you know anyone interested, let me know and I will give them some information!


The Carpenters said...

Count us in!! :)

William said...

HOW FUN! I am so glad it will be local for you next year! Maybe front page news!

Natalie said...

That's great, the kids do look a lot alike. No twins in my family, I think it'd be fun;D COngrats on your win girls !!

Devin said...

They are so cute Kac! Great pics.

The Munro Family said...

Kacy, I posted on here while signed in as my husband, William, so I wanted to clarify...sorry!