Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Vegetable of Trees

It's one of those things, when your kids are little and they say things wrong, and it's just too cute to correct. Now I will admit that most of the time, we do correct the children. I mean, I am married to a Journalist, with an English degree! I was also raised by my mom....aka Mrs. Reinier....the High School English Teacher. So needless to say, most of the time, we make sure they use correct grammar, etc. DUH?!?! Hopefully most intelligent parents do this!?!? But every now and then, the kids say something so cute and funny, it's hard to correct! That brings us to "The Vegetable of Trees".... In our area, we have a big event called "The Festival Of Trees". The girls have ALWAYS thought it was The VEGETABLE of Trees. I think last year was the first year they didn't call it that. BUT of course, Dave and I will know it as no other now.....

"The Festival of Trees" is a Christmas program where the area schools and businesses donate hundreds of decorated trees to put on "show" at our local Civic Center. Then the beautiful themed trees are put up for silent auction. There are also different things going on each night/day of the week. Everything from school choirs singing to Breakfast with Santa. It is usually fun to go and kick off the Holiday Season! We have gone every year since the kids were little. We usually see a lot of people we know and just enjoy the laid back atmosphere. The kids get SOOO excited about it every year. This year was no different. They were counting down until the evening that we went. They even gave up their School Skating Party to go to "The Vegetable of Trees"!

NONE of the kids were scared of Santa this year...that's a first! We usually have at least one cryin' off to the side!
(Nolan was terrified of Ronald McDonald though....Go Figure?!?!)

Check out Nolan eyeballin' the candy canes! Forget Santa...give me the candy!!! Which he did get and made a very sticky mess of!

Daddy and his girls. They have SOOO got him wrapped around their little fingers!

Bryson LOVED the train that was wrapped around a HUGE tree in the middle of the arena. He is a BIG train fan anyways, so this was where he spent most of the night! He couldn't get enough!!!

Me and Ash...watching the Westville High School Choir

We really enjoyed the evening and it made us look forward to Christmas time that much more! How we are truly blessed!

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Devin said...

The VEGETABLE of trees?!

That is hilarious!

Thanks for the laugh this afternoon, I needed that one!