Saturday, November 8, 2008

Priviledge Fridays

We are trying to set up a system with the kiddos that will encourage and recognize good behavior throughout the week. This system rewards them on Fridays with something special. Anything from family movie night to "make-our-own" sundaes snack!

Last night was a priviledge night in which each of the kids (the older 4) got to chose where they wanted to sleep. It had to be in a bed and everyone had to be in agreement. This is the first time we have tried this. Our kids are on a fairly strict schedule and honestly, all 6 of them LOVE their own beds! This wasn't always the case, but for the last couple years, it has been. So we told them that they could swap beds for the night. We also gave them the option of sleeping 2 to a bed. (For those who don't know, we have two sets of bunk for the girls, one for the boys.) To my surprise, they all wanted to cram in one room together. We ended up with Mariya and Ashton in her bed, and Bryson and Taelyn in the top bunk. So here's all these kids squished in these little beds. We told them they could whisper quietly for 15 minutes and then they had to stop and be absolutely quiet. They were so cute, laying there, whispering amongst themselves. They all enjoyed it and slept really well! Bryson was wanting Ashton to sleep with him tonight, so we had to explain to him several times, that we don't do that EVERY night! =)

I love that they are close. They all have such a special bond and each individual friendship has it's own unique qualities. That's the advantage to having a big family and a little house! We are in such close proximity, that they have no choice but to play together! They have grown up being best buddies. Sure, they get frustrated with each other at times. Sure, they tattle on each other. If they didn't, I would be worried! It is so fun to watch the way each of them connect.

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Devin said...

That is really sweet. I can just picture them all huddled together....I wonder why I can picture that....oh, yes, because I see it here too! :-) What a great thing children are, huh?