Friday, October 31, 2008

My Halloween Baby.....hittin' DOUBLE digits!!!

Ashton's birthday was today!'s always a shock. You would think having 9 birthdays to prepare you, the 10th wouldn't catch you so off guard! But it does!
There is something so precious about your firstborn. It's something that can NOT be explained. My mom had always told me, as a teen or young adult, that there is something different about your firstborn. She was always at a loss for words when she tried to explain it. I NEVER understood. I knew she loved me and my other brother the same amount, how could it be different? NOW, I know.

Ashton is such a perfect firstborn. He is an amazing kid and as close to perfect as you can get! He is a HUGE help around the house and you never hear the first complaint from him! He will play with the babies non-stop when he gets home from school. He builds train tracks for Bryson. He gives in to the girls and plays what they want. He's laidback AND an overachiever! He gets straight A's....and in 4th grade, that is not an easy task. He scores lightyears over the other kids in his class and homework is a breeze. The teacher told me that she wishes every kid was just like Ashton. He's great at math too! He scored in the 97th percentile in the nation! Who would have guessed??? He did NOT get this from me or his father. We are thinking it was passed down from his paternal great-grandfather!?!? He is sensative and generous. He wants to please God. What more could we ask for?

Right is what I want to remember about Ashton:

*You love Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Lego Batman on the Wii.

*You turn off the Wii when your time is up, no cryin', whinin', or beggin' for more!

*You love to have the neighborhood boys, Caleb and Austin Y., come over and jump on the trampoline.

*You are a very sincere, thankful person.

*You are very sensative. The very rare times that you do get in trouble, you WILL tear up...out of disappointing yourself usually.

*You are NOT a picky eater, but you like what you like and not usually NEW stuff. You eat everything that I cook....from casseroles to pasta dishes!

*You like your bread...nude. That's what we call it without butter.

*You love having your best friend, Austin C. spend the night. You two are so much alike and quite the duo!

*You enjoy playing "Crossbows and Catapults" downstairs with your dad and friends.

*You have an amazing creative side! Especially when it comes to writing or drawing. You have even created several of your own comic books to "sell" to your friends.

*You have gotten so good at soccer. You give it your all and are specifically good at defense.

*You still let me love on you.

*You always say "Oh good grief" Charlie Brown....when someone says something corny.

*You wake up at 6:15 almost EVERY morning on the dot! You grab a poptart and sit in the rocking chair to watch cartoons. You LOVE repetition.

*You are organized and observant.

*You like Baked Spaghetti and Mac-n-cheese.

*You don't like things to be different. Changing our daily schedule up makes you a tad nervous.

*You are a good leader. You love to be put "in charge".

*You are not very shy anymore. all of a sudden grew out of this!

*You like to ride your bike with Chance when we go to Grandma's house.

*You are a hard, diligent worker. Especially at our new house!

*You are a wild sleeper and have been since you were a baby.

*You love to be funny. You have a sarcastic sense of humor that makes us all laugh!

*You are a FAST runner. I recently was trying to catch you while we were playing tag and I could NOT do it. You were WAY faster than me and I consider myself fast!

From the day you entered into this world, you have amazed me. I love experiencing new things with you. I am so proud of who you have become! You are a wonderful example for the younger children! Thank you for being so unique and bringing so much joy to our lives!


Sharon Epling said...

I just found your blog. Wow your kids are getting so big. Looks like you have a lot of B-days in October:) Happy 30th to you!

Devin said...

Hey--I didn't know our firstborns shared Halloween as their birthday! How cool.

It is so funny, as I was reading your description of him, I kept thinking, "That's just like Colin, that's just like Colin..."
Must be a first child thing, 'cause they have a lot of the same qualities.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Shanda said... eyes are wet! you're big boy is such a blessing!