Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Bry Guy turns 4!

Today is my sweet little Bryson's 4th birthday! Needless to say, it does NOT feel like he should be 4! He has amazed us how quickly he picks up things and how smart he truly is! He has always seemed older than what he really is! This summer, when we were taking the kids to register at school, we were asked 3 times if Bryson was there to register for kindergarten!!! We were like "No! He's only 3!" He is so tall and slender, just like the other kids. Has big feet....size 12 1/2. He can be so well behaved when you need him to be! So many things have always made him seem so grown up! But I can still look at his face and see that little bity sweet baby face!

Here are the little things I want to remember about Bryson now....

*You are passionate about your toys...Thomas the Train fanatic and John Deere Lover!!!

*You love to have someone build tracks with you. Usually it's Daddy.

*You love watching Thomas, Max and Ruby, Tom and Jerry, and Sponge Bob.

*You are too rough most of the time. If you are on time-out, it's probably for playin' too rough!

*You have a love/hate relationship with Nolan and Nevin. You love them when they cooperate and play nice, but get so frustrated when they tear up your track or take your trains.

*You like to go outside with naked feet.

*You are truly the original "Mud Magnet"....if there is dirt to drive your tractors in, you are SO there!

*You love to bounce on the trampoline. Right's off limits while your arm heals. It's killin' ya!

*You love to eat "little pizza" for lunch.

*You like to spank people on the bottom. You even spanked the nurse that wrapped your cast.

*You are a kisser! You LOVE to kiss the people you love. CONSTANTLY!

*You are T.O.U.G.H. A real trooper. (The whole broken arm/surgery thing has barely phased you!)

*You always say "I gotta good idea"!

*You admire Ashton. You will say...out of the blue..."I love Ashton"

*You let the girls dress you up in their clothes and you don't mind a bit.

*You like to play "preschool" with Nolan and Nevin. You are the teacher and they are the students. (usually takes place on the top bunk of your bed) When the girls get home, you play preschool with them and you are the student and they are the teachers. It's so cute.

*You love to sing and dance and put on a show. You especially love to sing, Mexico, Jesus Loves Me, and Zacchaeus was a wee little man.

*You love to DRIVE the Gator powerwheel.

*You love the song "We Will Rock You". You rock out that air guitar!

*You generally don't like to listen to songs that aren't "guitar songs".

*You get crazy excited about 2 people: Stevie and Jacob. Best Buddies!

*You absolutely LOVE to help. Cooking, cleaning, fixing things, you do it all!

*You have to "hide" everytime Daddy walks in the back door. Your hiding places are usually in plain site, with you curled up in a ball....Announcing...."I'm hiding!"

*You like to look me square in the face and say "I was a good boy today"....usually out of guilt, I think.

*You pick Olive Garden every time we ask for ideas on going out to eat. Must stem from my pregnancy cravings when you were in utero????

*You like to blurt out weird phrases to make people laugh. Something like..."it smells like ketchup". You're such a comedian.

*You are a faithful prayer warrior. You are almost always the first one to volunteer to pray for dinner. You always pray for: "Daddy's boss to feel better, the little girl who stole my M&M's at vacation bible school, Karen to feel better from cancer"

*You have a pop tart and chocolate milk every single morning when you wake up.

*You are on the go 100% of the time. No stoppin' ya!

*You LOVE Target.

*You are a good eater.

*You love to go to "Preschool Jr. Church". You recently told me that you really like your teacher with the "tall shoes".

*You don't like to drive "far" in the van.

*You don't like your picture taken.

*You have no idea of how crazy we are about you.

I love my times with you....when the babies are napping and the big kids are at school. I love to sit and kiss your soft face and give you big hugs. I love to stare at the profile of your face while you are intent at watching cartoons. You have been such a fun part of our family! You have added so much happiness and you are constantly making us laugh! I am so blessed to have you as one of my children!!!

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