Saturday, October 18, 2008

My babies are turning 2 today! AAGGHHHH!

I can not believe that my littlest babies are turning 2 today! It seems like just yesterday that we brought them home in there little snuggly sleepers......we were on a crazy newborn twin schedule doing feedings every time we turned around.....the kids were begging us to hold the "babies" so that they could sit and stare at their tiny little faces and hands.....we would have to load up them in their infant carrier every time we took a trip out.....etc. etc. etc. They have turned out to be such sweet little boys that are so full of personality and happiness. I can not imagine our lives without the TWO of them! And to think that for almost half of that pregnancy we only thought we were being blessed with one little Angel!

Just for my are some quick things that I want to remember about my little guys:


You are my strawberry blondie...I thought the girls would be, nope...My Nonie is!

You have an innocent smile....melts my heart every.single.time.

You have been MORE stubborn lately than ever before. A phase? I hope!

You stroll when you walk. Laid Back Baby.

You love yourself some veggies. Every least 2 or 3 helpings.

You love to drink in the morning. You bring me that sippy at least 10 times before 10 a.m.

You are a breeze to put to bed. Have been since day one!

You are a quiet soul.

You love to sing and hum.

You have a soft spot for Tae and Riya. Many times, if I can't find you, I know to look for them!

You let the girls dress you up in their clothes...and you love it!

You like to put on hats/bracelets/purses....any accessories. But they usually don't last long.

You are not a big fan of t.v. Every now and then you will watch though.

You LOVE Grandpa. He is your favorite person in the whole world!

You pee on my floor every time you get naked.

You prefer to sit in the basket part of the cart, so you can stand or sit.

If you ever see anyone kissing, you pucker up right away for yours!

You like to jump on the trampoline with Ashton holding your hands.

You love to go under the big pine tree in the backyard and play.

You are in a throwing phase...usually things you SHOULD NOT throw.

You generally don't mind strangers talking to you.

You are a H.A.M. You love to be the center of attention. Class clown!

You are a BIG flirt!

You love to get into the bathroom and play in the sink with the water running. MeSsY!


You have the brightest prettiest red hair...almost identical to that of your big bro, Bryson.

You have a smile that is contagious.

You almost ALWAYS have that contagious smile on your face.

You can be VERY stubborn and bull-headed (We know who you get that from.... HE HE!).

You always have a "skip" in your step.

You can be somewhat of a picky eater.

You love pasta.

You love when you get the chance to have chocolate milk (right now, it's about once a week).

You can be a PILL to get to bed! Sometimes you just lay down & go to sleep...sometimes...NOT.

You sometimes like to wake up at 4 or 5 a.m. and just cry....stubbornly....for bout an hour.

You prefer men to women, when it comes to people you don't know very well.

You can talk like NOBODY'S BUSINESS!!! You talk as well as a 10 year old sometimes!

You call ALL men, "Daddy"....which has been embarrassing more than once!

You have a soft spot for Ashton and Bryson.

You don't care for your carseat.

You don't like those "squishy/slimey/wiggly" balls at the store. You flinch at the sight of them.

You always want to sit in the "seat" of the cart, NOT the basket part.

You love the MUD. You bathe in the mud....head to toe, literally.

You enjoy cartoons-Thomas, Handy Manny, Diego, Yo Gabba Gabba, Wow Wow Wubzy, etc.

You love bathtime.

You hit your head...mainly forehead...and get bruises ALL THE TIME!

You like to just dump out totes of toys for no reason. I make you pick them up every time too. You always ask for "night night kisses"...even when it's not night time. And "Hug".

You are best buds with Bryson, but you can also clash with him since you two are SOOO alike.

Both of you

Love Thomas the Train, just like Bryson. The shows, toys, books...everything.

Love when "Daddy's big truck" pulls up.

Love the John Deere Gator powerwheel.

Love to be naked.

Love to go "Bye, Bye".

Love to try to escape out the back door. We have to keep it locked 24/7.

You guys have brought so much joy to our lives! You keep us busy and you keep us laughing! We love you so much!!!

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Shanda said...

I can't believe they are already TWO! Time flies by when you're having fun, doesn't it? Even though I get to see you guys all the time and know a lot of the stuff you wrote about your baby boys, it was still SO NEAT to see it all there together.....very special that you were able to put it all down in such a special way! WAY2Go Mommy! You're an inspiration indeed!