Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy 36th Birthday Dave!

36 Random Things that I Love About My Husband

He watches our kids without complaining. He lets me go out with my girls and shop or just have alone time. He watches them and usually has a good time...including ice cream for breakfast or 11 p.m. bedtimes. He's a softie and the kids know it. ;)

He has really nice legs. I'm not usually a "leg" gal, but I've thought that since the first day I met him!

He puts me and the kids first! He has had his English degree from the U of I at Springfield for the last 10 years. Until last year, he has always worked a warehouse job. He is a very talented writer and enjoys it so much, but he wanted to do what was best at the time for his family. The job was very stressful. We thank God all the time for being so gracious to give him a job writing for the newspaper. It has really changed his life and he enjoys his work now.

He makes me feel beautiful. Always. I can be cleaning and sweatin' and he will tell me how pretty I am. He convinces me that he thinks I am the most gorgeous woman on the face of this earth! He was like that when we met and he is still this way....11 years and 6 children later!

He is such a great listener. He lets me ramble about my whole day! He genuinely listens and gives great advice. If I am frustrated about something, he usually makes me feel so much better!

He supports me 100% in whatever I do. Whether it's scrap booking, dieting, or even new ideas for raising our children. He never questions me and always offers to help in anyway that he can!

He loves his family. Not talking about me and the kids this time, but his parents and his sisters. He genuinely loves them and wants to take care of them, even if it would mean putting himself last.

Dave and his mama (May 2008)

He is a "glass half-full" type of guy. Never negative.

He has a good head. Literally. When he decided to shave his head, we both worried about it being "lumpy"! NOPE! Nice and round.

He is willing to grow as a Christian. I feel like we are in the same boat on this one. We are both a "work in progress" and love to talk with each other about things that encourage us in our walk with Christ.

He is nurturing. One example....He goes around to the kids' rooms and covers them up every night before we go to bed. If they look uncomfortable he moves them around. He always makes a point to do this.

He's a very gentle person. He hugs and kisses on me all the time. Every night when we lay down to go to sleep, he will lightly rub my back or arm until I fall asleep. He loves to cuddle the kids and love on them. He especially likes to snuggle up with them and fall asleep.

He has "Kacy songs"...aka songs that he hears that make him think of me...usually sweet songs about being in love. He will say..."Oh, I love this's a 'Kacy song'!".

He is social! My friends and family all love him and get along with him. I love that he can meet someone and strike up a conversation and have a good time instantly.

He likes my cooking! He is always up for trying new recipes and he is always grateful for our meals. He will always remind the kids that "mommy is a great cook". How sweet!

He is 110% dedicated to this marriage and family! It's his life. Period.

He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is so "not judging" of other people. Unless they have really done him wrong, he will have NOTHING bad to say about anyone. He can't hold a grudge at all either!

He does the dishes. NOT ONLY does he do the dishes, he changes poopy diapers, cleans, makes lunch, feeds babies.....he is never one to shy away from the "dirty work". He is TOTALLY involved and splits the work with me. He has never been the type to come home from work and lay around on the couch all evening.

He's putting some meat on his bones. Not much, but a little. There's a little bit more to hug now. Going from a highly physical job to a desk job will do that. We are thankful for this job change!

He PLAYS with the kids. And I mean "down on the floor, getting into it", playing....GI Joes, doll house, coloring, video games, beauty parlor. Seriously...he has had some good make-overs! Ha!

Dave playing with the kiddos on the trampoline (August 2008)

He has a perfect goatee. It is one of my favorite physical features about him. I just think he is so handsome. He knows I LOVE the goatee, so it doesn't get shaved off. =)

He has to be the one to lock the house up when we go to bed or leave. Not me. He will go in and DOUBLE check to make sure it is locked. It shows that he is protective and feels responsible for making sure we are safe. It's cute...sometimes frustrating, but most of the time, cute!

He is a true gentlemen. He opens doors for me and others. He always goes around my side of the van when we are on a date and lets me in first. When we go out to eat or to the store, he always offers to drop me off at the door. He's always polite.

For the last ten years, he kisses me every time he leaves and every night when we go to bed. He never misses. Never.

He loves it when I am pregnant. (good thing, huh?) He always "eww's and aww's" over how I am so beautiful when I am pregnant. If we are out, and we see a pregnant woman and I am NOT currently pregnant, he'll say things like "I can't wait to give you "over the belly" kisses again!" or "I love when you are pregnant and I can fall asleep feeling the baby kick!"

He is self-less. More so than any person I have ever met. He doesn't hardly spend a dime on himself. Occasionally when he does, it's something he REALLY wants, which is usually a CD or GI Joe figure or something. I usually have to talk him into NOT feeling guilty for doing it!

He has a soft spot for babies. If we are at a restaurant and he walks to the bathroom, sometimes he will come back and say "OK....walk to the bathroom, and the second table to the left, there is the cutest little baby. She's got little chubby cheeks and she's all cozy in her car seat. Go look at her." I think it is so cute. This isn't even including how crazy awesome he is with our own kids!

He loves to make me happy. He lets me have my way....MOST of the time. If I want Olive Garden when we go to Champaign, I usually can talk him into it. If I want to paint the living room purple....I could probably have him painting it by noon. But watch out if something that he actually feels strongly about comes up. What he says...GOES. I like that....that he stands up for what he feels is important. Usually it will have something to do with the kids or me. For instance, it I wanted to drive to Champaign by myself at night, he wouldn't be having it! Otherwise, he doesn't sweat the small stuff.

He is not afraid to admit his shortcomings. He is the most open person I have ever known! He is not afraid to admit what he feels he "can't" do or is "not" good at. It's a good thing he's so dang close to perfect!

He is so gentle. Every night for the last ten years, when we lay down to go to sleep, he gently rubs my arm or my side or my back. I LOVE when he does this!

He is NOT a fighter. I am not a fighter either so this works well for us. (I am way more stubborn than I wish I was, but that's another post.) He hates drama. I can honestly count our "arguments" since we have been married on one hand. I know....sounds impossible. Believe it!

He laughs at me. He gets me. I can be a complete dork, and he is always entertained by me! He is so laid back compared to me and we definitely have our differences, but we have almost the same exact sense of humor. We can always make each other laugh. The kids appreciate this about him too. They are totally crazy about their daddy!

He is organized. I love the little things he does...from alphabetizing his Cd's to setting up his "toys" just the right way. And it has to be PERFECT. (He collects G.I. Joes, Star Wars, etc...)

He always lets the kids help. He is the type of Dad that will be trying to work on things for the house and will have a few extra sets of hands right there with him. He doesn't mind that it slows him down. He doesn't mind that he's not using time 100% efficiently. He doesn't mind that he will probably have to "do over" some things. He puts our kids first and lets them learn and have fun.

Nolan and Nevin helping Daddy set up

the Christmas tree (December 2008)

He has got mad musical talent. He can play those drums like nobody's business. He has got an AMAZING voice that I could never hear too often! His mom even had no idea he could sing! It is something that he is in the process of pursuing.

He soaks up information like a SPONGE! I wish I was that way. I will admit that many people would probably say that some of it was "useless information"....but you can have a conversation with him about ANYTHING.

He is dedicated. Not just to me and his family, but to whatever he sets his mind to. He wanted to learn to play guitar last year and started taking lessons. I talked him into teaching me what he would learn each lesson and then I could learn to play guitar as well! Good idea Kacy! That lasted 2 lessons. It was SOOOOO hard. He has stuck with it and has even taught himself SO much!

Thank you Dave for making me that happiest girl on the face of the earth! I appreciate you and everything you do for our big family!

Happy Birthday Daddy-O! You Rock!!!


Devin said...

What a wonderful tribute to your sweet hubby. I can relate to so, so many things that you listed--Shane being them to me too! Especially the one about how you can count your fights on one hand....I can't tell you how many times I have said that of us!

Happy Birthday Dave--you have quite a woman who obviously adores you!!

The Carpenters said...

Wow. How magically you have painted a picture of him. He's lucky to have you, too!