Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tote Obsession...

I have a tote obsession. I know this. I do NOT try to hide it. Dave loves to make fun of me for this! He calls me the "Tote Queen". I love to go down the tote isle. I love the smell of the tote isle. I make trips through there regularly. I come up with many excuses to buy totes. I love to group things and organize them, it's fun. Apparently my kids have taken over my tote-loving traits! ALL of the kids have loved totes, laundry baskets, anything small and confining! But they love them for other reasons....

I had to pull a couple of pics out of the archives. Most of the pics are of Nolan and Nevin and their tote/basket/box loving days!

I lOVE this one of Nolan in the laundry basket.

11 months old

Here's Nevin just a couple weeks later in the same laundry basket.

11 months old

It's usually this way...both in the same one. Most of the time shouting..."ALL ABOARD!"

19 months old

These are the "tote races" that take place in our house periodically. They are getting too big for the little totes, but they still love to get in there and have the big kids push/pull them around!

21 months old (with Ashton and Taelyn)

This is the "please pull us around" face. It works.

21 months old

Nolan was having a blast getting in this tote one night. The big kids called him "Nolan In Carbonite"....we are Star Wars Fans around this house!

(don't freak out, we never actually put the lid on all the way)

Almost 26 months old

The boys will play and laugh when they get in this one. They like to be all crammed in together. It must remind them of their "womb days"!
26 months old

Christmas morning. Why play with new toys when we have a BOX???? Nolan KNOWS he's cute!
26 months old

I am being so serious when I tell you that they sat in this BIG tote and watched Christmas cartoons for an hour! Poor little Mariya was sick, so she missed out on the sibbling closeness that night! Good thing...I am not sure where she would've squeezed in!

So in review...

I love totes.

My kids are incredibly cute.

I am not sure why we NEEDED to get a bigger house.
(maybe just so we can buy more totes?)


Devin said...

Oh, I am dying. That is hilarious! Buy a bigger house so you can buy more totes. What is really funny to me is that I can totally believe you are 100% serious.

"We need a bigger house. I have more stuff and I NEED to put them in some new totes."

HA! I'm dying. Just dying.

Those are the cutest pics of the kids, by the way....love it!

Steph said...

Who needs toys when you have totes?

And, yes, your kids are cute!