Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yay Me! for many reasons I have been wanting to lose weight. In no specific order they are.....

#1. To be healthier. My father died at age 37 because of heart disease. My maternal Grandfather has had a heart attack as well. Not something to mess around with. I want to be here as long as possible for my kids!

#2. I look terrible. Yeah... my husband will be so mad that I actually typed that out, but it's how I feel. You know how us women are... don't try to convince us otherwise!

#3. I am ready for another baby/babies! Actually, I have been ready for about 2 years, but it's finally feeling like it's almost the "right" time. Don't get me wrong, we need to get a few things in order first...mainly our house remodel! But I don't want to get pregnant while I am this overweight. I have been blessed with 4 awesome pregnancies and I want to be in better shape so that hopefully this can be a 5th awesome pregnancy. Especially considering that this could very well NOT be a single pregnancy. I need to be feelin' good so that I can keep up with my other rugrats!

So I started in on "dieting" about 2 weeks ago. I have already lost about 12 lbs! Whoop! Whoop! Mostly for my record, here is what has worked for me:
  • Writing down exactly what I eat...ON THE FRIDGE. I have wrote down in a notebook before, but this seems to work better. It's right in front of my face when I walk in the kitchen. I write down EVERYTHING. Even if it's one twizzler.
  • Eating breakfast. This is hard for me. I am soooo NOT a breakfast eater. Now I usually eat oatmeal and a banana or apple. Sometimes I just eat a granola bar.
  • NOT eating anything at all after dinner. Once I am up from the dinner table, I don't eat another bite. Dave eats all the time. All day long, all night long. He stays skinny that's ok for HIM! A lot of times we would sit down and munch on stuff and watch our shows after the kids go to bed. Shame Shame on me. Now, I brush my teeth as soon as I get the kids in bed. That way I am not tempted so much.
  • Cutting back on my baking. Just for now. Once I lose the weight and feel like I have more self-control, I will go back to baking the goodies. I do miss it.
  • Eating just one helping at dinner time. It is pretty easy to eat light all day. At dinner, there is no way I can always cook low-fat or light for the whole family. I just make sure I do good all day and then at dinner, I eat only one helping of everything....including veggies that I am not wild about.
  • Snacking on fruit only. I do not buy any "light" snack cakes or "low-fat" diet snacks.
  • Allowing myself to cheat. I DO keep some twizzlers and laffy taffy around. Somedays I eat 2 or 3. Somedays I eat none. The most I have eaten is 6. I write it down though. That keeps me from downing half the bag like I used to! I am a CANDY lover!!! Also, if we eat out as a family, which we have done twice since I have started, then I order what I want. I just don't usually eat as much because my stomach has shrunk since I have started dieting.

I do want to start drinking water better. I go through phases with that.

I'm definitely not saying it is the perfect diet plan for everyone. It has just been working for me so far! I would like to lose about 15 to 20 more pounds! I just hope and pray I can keep it up! I am feeling good about it and think I can!


Devin said...

*YAY* for you is right! Awesome job Kacy--keep up the great work!

May I also say: keep blogging about it! There is something about getting it down 'on paper' for everyone else to see that keeps you accountable. I did that last year when I wanted to lose my baby-baby-baby weight, and it helped me tremendously! I did it for many of the same reasons as you are. Good for you, and I'll keep cheering you on for sure!

The Carpenters said...

I agree with writing it down and keeping it visible. Worked for me, too, back in college. Maybe I should try it again! :)