Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rock Star...

I took Nevin and Taelyn into Convenient Care tonight because they had sore throats. Nolan wanted to come along for the ride and we also picked Daddy up from work since he needed to take a break!

We walked in and usually the waiting room that is EMPTY, had at least 15 people waiting! I was not planning on this, so I was NOT prepared! I usually pack a SUITCASE filled with books, crayons and paper, toys, snacks, drinks, etc...... just in case we end up waiting. Well, not this time!

So the boys horsed around for a while and then started getting really rambunctious! I asked the boys if they wanted to sit on my lap and sing a song! This will usually keep them sitting and quiet for at least 10 minutes or so! They look so sweet and angelic while doing so too! It's so sweet! We usually have a long list of songs we like to sing...generally it's Jesus Loves Me......Zachius......This Little Light of Mine.....Lord's Army.....Oh Be Careful.....Jesus Loves the Little Children....... mostly songs from Sunday School! So I sat Nevin up on my lap and said, "What do you want to sing first, Buddy?" (It's usually Jesus Loves Me or Zaccheus) Nevin blurts out in his wildness at the moment, "We Will Rock You!"

2 year olds...so unpredictable!

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Devin said...

So funny! I love it. They always have a way of embarrassing, even when they don't mean too, don't they?