Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top 10 Reasons That Your House May NOT Be Ready to Move Into Yet...

#10. You have 2 toilets. Neither are in the bathroom.

#9. You randomly drive by and wonder "Hmm....I wonder whose work truck that is?"

#8. You have to open the basement door with a crowbar and AT LEAST 2 other people.

#7. You have a 3-foot-high pile of garbage (including everything from a recliner to old heat ducts) waiting in front of the garage for the NEXT dumpster.

#6. Your husband was just on the roof with the 6th tube of silicone caulk this week.

#5. The holes in the windows are temporarily covered...with duct tape.

#4. You are using wood scraps and brooms to layout what you think the bathroom layout should look like when it's finished.

#3. Your kids run through the house with extremely muddy boots and you don't even try to stop them!

#2. When your mom walks in, she happily comments, "You know...I don't think that the smell is as bad as it used to be!"

#1. To get into your house, you have to go up a set of "dead end" steps, step across the "gap" and balance on the slippery plywood...just to get to the door!

1 comment:

Devin said...

Oh, Kacy...I feel for you girl! There is a light at the end of this very dark tunnel, I promise!

Hang in there!