Tuesday, December 9, 2008

4 year olds are ALWAYS right....

We will every now and then rent a movie on Tuesday night. Sometimes Dave has to do the Sports section, so he'll go to work for most of the evening. I had asked the kids if they wanted me to rent "Wall-E" or "Horton hears a Who". I THOUGHT all 4 said "Horton Hears a Who". I was mistaken. Bryson, my recently turned 4 year old, did not.

Here's our conversation:

Bryson: Mom, when are we going to watch Wall-E?

Me: Oh, Bry...I didn't rent Wall-E. I rented "Horton Hears a Who".

Bryson: Aaawww....I wanted to watch Wall-E! (very whiney voice)

Me: Well, maybe next time we can get that one.

Bryson: But I like robots and I wanted to watch Wall-E because it has a robot. If you go up to the store and get it, and put it in the dvd player, I will show you the robot.

Me: Well, not tonight buddy. We are only watching ONE movie and we will stick with the one I already rented. I will keep Wall-E in mind for next time.

Bryson: "Horton Hears a Who" has a robot too.

Me: Noooo.....I don't think that show has a robot.

Bryson: Yeah, it does. In the very begining. You will see it.

Me: No buddy, this one is a Dr. Suess show. You know...like Cat in the Hat?

Bryson: Yeah....and it has a robot.

Me: No, it has silly lookin' characters. I think it even has an elephant. It will be really funny. We'll pop popcorn and watch it in just a little bit.

Bryson: Yeah....and when we watch it, you will see a robot. You know, like C3PO on Star Wars.

Me: C3PO isn't on this movie though.

Bryson: Noooooo.....not C3PO, just a robot LIKE C3PO.

Me: Bryson, I really don't think there are robots in this movie.

Bryson: (very polite tone) Mom....can you PLEASE quit saying that there are no robots???

Me: Okay buddy.

We watched the movie and he loved it. He actually sat for the entire thing, which Bryson is not one to usually SIT at all. Never another word about robots. =)

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Devin said...

Oh girl. This spot is always good for a giggle. :)

We rented Wall-E and my boys loved it....

I love your new background, by the way--it looks great!