Sunday, December 21, 2008

Small Update.....

I know it has been just short of forever since I posted last! We have had a very crazy hectic week! The flu has hit our family hard. NOT the 24-hour flu....the 4/5-day flu!!! So Mariya kicked it off and then Bryson, followed by Nevin and then Nolan. Ashton, Taelyn, Dave and I have NOT gotten it! (knock on wood) I am faithfully praying that we DON'T! Like I said, the recovery time is not short, so I don't want anyone sick on Christmas! Wouldn't be the first time though!

The EXCITING news around the Harris' house is that we sold our house!!! I can't believe it. As you know we bought a "fixer-upper" in August and we put our house on the market toward the end of October. We expected for it to be on the market for a while. We were hoping in the spring we would get an offer. NOPE! God has other plans! Caught us totally off guard but we are thrilled to say the least! We only showed the house twice and the second person came to us with an offer immediately. We have signed the agreement and now we have to go through the house inspection and all of that. Hopefully that all runs smoothly and we plan to close on January 30th! Our new house is not live-able at this time, so we are going to move in with my mom and dad for a while so we can work on the house. We are focused on the kitchen and paint and carpet for the rest of the house. We had planned to do most of the work on the house ourselves but we are exploring some other options to speed up the process. Wow....God never ceases to amaze me! Praise the Lord!

Now we are ready to enjoy these last few days before Christmas with some crafts and baking!

Happy Holidays!


Devin said...

That's great news about the house selling! Praise the Lord...and I'll be praying that the rest of you don't get sick!

Sharon Epling said...

What exciting news! I know you guys are thrilled. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and all are well!