Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Twins added to the family!

My mom (aka Grandma) just got new puppies! They are 8 week old cocker spaniel puppies! My dad, who is generally anti-dog, finally caved and let my mom get not one, but TWO little cuties!

I especially love the new dogs at Grandma's house!!! We have NO animals here at the crazy Harris household. We do not plan on getting any pets any time soon! BUT we do enjoy getting to play with our relative's animals! We have Aunt Jami's pug, Frankie. We also have our cousins animals....3 dogs and a cat that we can enjoy! It works for me!

The new little pups are so cute, so I just had to share some pics! My kids are head-over-heels for this little doggies!

Two little girls....their names are Bella (left) and Roxy (right).

This is a terrible picture of me, but it is one of the only good pictures we got of Roxy! She is a hyper little fiesty gal! She wouldn't sit still long enough for us to get a good one!

Bella is a sweet little cuddly girl. She is pretty low key, but she does like to wrestle around with her sister every now and then!

My pretty niece, Laney and my sweet Tae spoilin' Bella!

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