Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Cuties....

We had planned on taking a family picture on the day of our Church Christmas Program. The 4 older kids all had a part in the program and would be all dolled up! Well it turned out that Mariya had the flu that day and we were not able to get a picture. The kids took turns getting the flu for the next week or two. We ended up trying to get a pic just a couple days before Christmas and had NO luck! The boys were grumpy because they were still recooping from the flu and pink eye and it seemed like out of the 57 pictures that I DID take, some one had their eyes closed or something!! We came up with a few cute ones, so I thought I would post them!

Their poor little pink eyes! I am so glad they are feeling better now. They are my little cutie guys but you can see they still had a touch of it.

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