Friday, December 5, 2008

Huh??? You said what????

Having 6 small children in the house is quite entertaining in and of itself. Dave and I constantly catch ourselves cracking up at the things that our kids say or do! Many of their mispronunciations are so cute that they end up sticking around for quite a while! Actually, Dave and I find ourselves using some of these on a daily basis. Nevin and Nolan, being 2 years old, have developed some of their own language.... ;) Mostly for my records, here are some of the cute things they say now....

"Wah" ..... instead of "yeah"....not sure where the "w" came from. Nevin started it and Nolan now says it too.

"Meet-me" .....this is for "blankie". Again, Nevin started it, Nolan now uses it as well.

"Read it tee" ..... this is what Nevin says for "read it to me" when he is comin' at us with a book. I guess he combines the "to me".

"Punk punk" ..... Nolan originated this one for "pumpkin".

"Boozer" ..... Ok...follow me here. This is their word for "ghost". Get it? BOOOO? Bryson used this last year, and it has hung round. I have had many embarrassing moments in the Halloween isle at Walmart when the 3 little boys are all yelling "Look! There's a boozer!" We also have a beanie baby ghost, Nevin gave him his name... "Boozer Boo".

"Jesus-loves-me baby" ..... this is what Nevin calls our "Baby Jesus" in our Nativity Scene.

"Man-Man" ..... Nolan's word for "snowman".

"Choo Choo Pizza" ..... this is for "Jocko's Pizza Inn". They have a train theme throughout the restaurant. Again...I think Bryson came up with it and it has stuck with us!

"Beet House" ..... this is for the "Beef House"....a steakhouse that we frequent.

"Hamburger House" ..... this is what Nevin shouts out when he sees those golden arches!

"Am I Am" ..... this is for the Sammy Hagar song, "Sam I am". The boys LOVE this song and request it as soon as they get in the van. Soon after it starts, you hear.....

"Turn it Bup!" ..... this is how they say "Turn it up!".

"Harvester" ..... another favorite song of theirs..... "International Harvester" is frequently requested! They just blurt it out!

"Children. Parents." ..... We have a children's CD with Christian songs. Nevin knows all the words to "Children obey your Parents".

"Lightning Keen" ..... this is for Lightning McQueen". Big fans here at our house. =)

Here are some "oldies" that have stuck around.....

"Yeah-yeah" ..... Ashton would say this with such excitement for "yes". If you asked him if he wanted some juice, he would say "yeah-yeah!".

"Mud-tie" ..... this was for "muddy". Ashton would say "Oh no, my shoes are all mud-tie."

"Abre" ..... the girls loved Dora so they never used the word "open"

"Basketti" ..... this is the girls' word for "spaghetti". I can remember calling it that when I was young too!

"By purpose" ..... this is used by the girls still. Instead of "ON" purpose! You know...."She kicked me by purpose!!!" Some days I hear this more than others!

"Apples juice" ..... obviously "apple juice". For some reason, Bryson always pluralized "apple" makes sense!

"Buh-tar" ..... this is for "guitar". Bryson LOVES "buh-tar" songs!

"Comm trooper" ..... used instead of "Storm" trooper. Bryson is really getting into Star Wars movies these days! Chip off the old block! =)

I am sure that their cute little voices saying them is what makes it so cute, but I had to get some down before I forgot them! I have many more, but that will have to be part two!

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I really got a kick out of reading that.....we have some similiar things that go on around here!

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